Sunday, December 30, 2012

White snow and a ball

   When it's winter, it should snow. Unfortunately in Wrocław the weather outside is not white wonderful at all, but at least we can get back on it's whimsical nature and white-up our wardrobe. White dress is just what doctor ordered.  Check out/Zapraszamy na tailor_made;) 
Be wonderful girls, behave nice and wear dresses:)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Different shades of Bruxelles...

   The oft-repeated tale about Bruxelles is that it’s dull, boring and for old folks - long story short- not incredibly exciting. It is not an obvious choice for locating your city-love...
   Bruxelles might not be in-your-face Queen of the Ball, it's more like a puzzle that somehow itches you to play with it…what is there to find? A surprise? After all Bruxelles can be anything: up-tight, rebellious or ridiculously out-of-this-world as Jeanneke Pis or ever-expanding wardrobe for Manneken pis...

to be continued...

Jacques Brel

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Goodnight, have a good one tomorrow...and why not chase some dresses and skirts during coffee, tea & baguette break?
visit us at tailor_made
do zobaczenia na tailor_made!



Saturday, October 27, 2012


   guys, you might want to check out. Between balloon folding lessons, driving lessons, and french and spanish in two weeks lessons, we do this. We invite you swiftly, but gracefully, but mostly wholeheartedly:)


 ...because we promised to share with you crème de la crème ( we especially like to spill the beans on locals that might be exotic for you lovely readers from distant lands:), do have a listen to the newest song by Monika Brodka. If you're already familiar with her, there will be no surprise, she's absolutely pulling off with Varsovie. Very proud of her, that she is ours, white & red:) but definitely should be known internationally. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

be proper cool

   Catherine is an icon, she can do no wrong in our eyes. And the outfit below is the essential of young Deneauve style. We haven't been here for a while now, but you're guys too much of gentelmen to hold a grudge, aren't you? Good news, we are planning a make-over for the blog, so we can all enjoy it a bit more:) Cosmetic improvements soon:)

Images: Carven pre-fall 2012 vogue

Saturday, April 14, 2012

treat them with affection

Tomorrow is going to rain. It made us think affectionately about these two below. We would badly 'art direct' them in a 'shoe-shining' editorial. Velvet bows are majestic, now these are not just heavy boots, but, well...a boot with a cute (somehow it reminds us of a badass cat with a 'peeved' swag and a little cute bell tied around its neck, funny contrast that always melts ours heart). And by the way, on tuesday we're heading to Łódź for a Poland Fashion Week, it's this time of a year again, so hope to see you guys around later with some lowdown

may we suggest, absolutely wonderful for lazy afternoons and cosy nights in, Karen Souza "Have you ever seen the rain":


Friday, March 23, 2012

It's just a boyish banter

Agi&sam seems to be all about releasing the steam and not taking fashion too seriously. Their setups speak humour, bright colors, chill, artsy chaos, mix & match literacy and they certainly has Prince of Bel Air vibe. We recommend you a lot to catch up with them. Spring's finaly arrived, high time for cassette recorder & freestyle bike tricks on the street!

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