Friday, March 23, 2012

It's just a boyish banter

Agi&sam seems to be all about releasing the steam and not taking fashion too seriously. Their setups speak humour, bright colors, chill, artsy chaos, mix & match literacy and they certainly has Prince of Bel Air vibe. We recommend you a lot to catch up with them. Spring's finaly arrived, high time for cassette recorder & freestyle bike tricks on the street!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Suit up!

We like the concept of suit-meets-apron. You can wear them over your 'normal' clothes while cooking, eating, serving food. When unexpected guests ring the door bell, you can be sure that you look debonair. And if we ever run a restaurant, that would make uniforms for our waiting staff team. Also this funny baguette photoshoot! yep, we have big passion for bakeries and bread, maybe that's why we were so easily won over...

Go to Aiste Nesterovaite if you want to learn more

Apron tale story

What makes those images so pleasent for the eye? Beautiful but simple aprons? Straw hats maybe? Headscarfs and collars with going-back-in-time feeling? Memories of lazy summer in the cottage? Memories filled with baking powder and flour all over your face? Oh Mother, probably all of these...Now, where is our wooden spoon and's time for some homemade cooking extravaganza.

All photos via Mother. You can shop aprons, totes and detachable collars. Go!

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