Friday, December 30, 2011

popping cork

     XXL envelope clutch spotted at the locals. Cork totes are our Pick of the moment. Accessories are powerful. But sometimes, 'enhancing' is on the edge of a prank. Too much, too bold or too costume makes you look like a cake+whipped cream+chocolate syroup and a cherry on the top. Once at the sight of a tv presenter's outfit, our mum unexpectedly slipped out with a 'stupid bejewelled christmas tree' comment, and now to affectionately prickle her, we like to use the term around when playing fashion judges on celebs in glossies. Full of trinkets doesn't always say intresting and attractive. What strikes about this clutch is that it's so effortlessly beautiful and simple.  It looks raw & minimalistic, yet it is a 'showboat'. These bag and cluch below are designs of Katarzyna Ostapowicz, we found them on Fullofstyle boutique. How hipnotizing is this dangling corkscrew?
     We can't help it, probably popping the cork at midnight will make us think obssesively about them again.

P.S have a happy New Year and see you back in 2012!

available other trim colors: coral, brown and sky blue

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'Artsy' cork clutch by Yves Saint Laurent. So welcomed in ours wardrobes

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IPhone cork case on Etsy (Yunikuna, Koko's Boutique)

Cork necklace by Maison Martin Margiela
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Finds on monkeybusiness, large envelope bag designed by Inball Hoffman

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