Friday, December 30, 2011

That hygge feeling

All photos by us

     What Copenhagen means to us (in random order): cool, laid back style, guys in checked shirts, girls in leggins+oversize sweaters and loose blouses, top knot hair, bicycles galore, children being driven around in cargo bikes, smørrebrød (simple sandwich, but danish:), Netto discount grocery (Seven Eleven on more wealthy days;) our guilty pleasures: browsing Tiger (cheap and cheerful, for a taste of tiger go ) and Søstrene Grene (nice bits and bobs:, designer shops, hot cross buns & cacao, flashy Palads Cinema, beaches, healthy lifestyle: carrots in lunchboxes and jogging, laundrette culture, bottle deposit machines (noteworthy: machine prints a receipt that you can next exchange for cash. At first you stand with downcast eyes, embarrased that bags full of raised bottles & cans make you look like a condemned alcohol addict, but then you got the unprincipled habit of noticing stray garbagge left on the streets after parties. We had inside joke that it was for this reason why streets were so clean and well-groomed),  Nyhavn canal, Tivoli Gardens,  Freetown Christiania (hippie enclave, which every now and then government wants to close down. By the way, great sunday nights with jazz), playing backgammon at pubs (still have no clue how to play that), difficult language, meatpacking district (modernistic white buildings, hip area of dj cafés/galleries/bar venues), flea markets, People's kitchen (Folkekøkken, it tooks place every thursday in Christienia, you can eat cheap and tasty, and you have a loaf of bread on the go, beacuase people who work there are volunteers, you have to clean your dirty dishes afterwards), street parties, j-dag (christmas bear in trucks is coming to town!), carlsberg, den lille havfrue (little marmaid), H. C. Andersen, Magasin do nord (one of the oldest and the most beautiful buildings in the centre; we've been collecting their glossy paper), vernisagges in small art galleries, Den Sorte Diamant (Black Diamond library), lovely small colourful houses, picnics in parks, green open spaces, rainy-windy days, liberate people, metro operated without driver (very clean, not an obvious sight), finally: rows of prams standing neatly outside cafes/bars and nursery schools having a walk - babies packed in shared babby baggies. Copenhagen is one stylish city,  visit or for street style stalk. 
      Ola was there for a winter semester and Ania for a spring one, so joined forces we have a full-scale photocalendar of Kobenhavn. Before our erasmus exchange we didn't know much about Cph and Denmark in general, and as we observe it's unfortunately a common case. So we thought we could make a little introduction about Copenhagen, spark infatuation perheps? (we have this incurable cupid's ambition!)

Danish Music Box, if you know anything dk cool of the moment, feel free to let us know!
Tusind tak!

Medina: 'For altid' and 'Vi to'

RebekkaMaria 'Lion'

Aura Dione 'Song for Sophie'

Rasmus Saabach 'Engel'
we were told this song was a hate-love among danish, but nevertheless,
don't you just adore danish language sound in this song? 

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