Monday, December 26, 2011

I don't like mondays, I do like sundays

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   Few weeks ago while browsing the Mulberry website, we discovered their Mulberry Mix Tape Tour, which includes young up-and-coming artists (one of our fave of the moment: Little dragon, for starters have a listen to: 'Ritual union' or 'shuffle the dream'). Sunday Girl acoustic version of Blur’s 'tender’ stole our hearts.

     Her wardrobe is very much our cup of tea: girl-meets-boy wardrobe, shirt collars, smart prim–and-proper look with a teeny tiny bit of extravaganza kick. Nihil novi it may be (somehow it reminds us a lot of Alexa Chung, only less flamboyant version), but as a whole, we do recommend you to have a good look and get inspired. We’re buying her as a whole package: she looks very good, she sounds very good. Noteworthy, she launched a range of clothing (16 piece collection) with Firetrap this season. It’s on-trend, feminine with dark edge - as she’ve put it. On website you can read that inspiration behind collection was: taxidermy motifs, hand-drawn illustrations and feather embellishments. About the feathers - also have a look at show-stopping fringe dress Sunday Girl is wearing in her videoclip 'love u more'. This beautifull cut-out dress brings to mind something of a circus show & ballroom dance costume. We adore!

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        Have you ever seen Moonlightining TV series from 80’s with a detective dream team: Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis? What an electrifying duo they were. Sunday Girl outfit shown above reminds us heavily of Maddie's (Shepherd) high elegance – her mean business jackets, dresses and shirts in pastele colors.

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Tik Tok (Kei$ha cover)
this version can really grab your ears, even if you don't like the original Keisha's bling 'let's party', do dare to listen to this one

Find out more about Mulberry Mix Tape Tour:

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