Thursday, December 29, 2011

Behind the ears

Beatrice Valenzuela - shoe designer, leaf ear wrap image via:

      Discovered them some time ago, while still living in London, and simply fell in love with the idea. Then, we were chasing head-over-heels after them, elbowing our way through the crowds mostly on bloody Oxford Street. We found two pairs in TopShop, not nice though . Finally, Asos came to rescue with silver, flower-like earwraps (they make you feel like one gorgeous specimen from the other planet.) Finally purchase - just for 8 pounds! In order to find some more choices, we did google research and came across Anni, young jewellery designer from Estonia. She makes beautiful earings, perheps the most striking are feather earwraps inspired by native american culture and dream catchers. They look big & heavy, and intrigue the eye with its metallic undertones. Some of them have additionally little dangling crosses which make the original boho design more rebelious, sex and rock’n’roll. Also on guys – quite handsome, isn't it? These pieces might not be cheap, but if you want to invest in a statement attention-grabbing accessory that do the talking, they are the ticket (definitely will boost up your look on those casual grey tshirt & jeans days).

You can buy them at Anni's website: . More finds: 

Asos - spike ear cuff and comb £10

Miss Selfridge - Outlaw feather ear cuff £8.50
Miss Selfridge - Aztec ear cuff £8.50

Dragonfly ear cuff on Etsy (sandrandan) $10.00
Aura Dione 'stay the same' . Move your bim bam body...

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