Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hairdryer for furs

      With our post on Copenhagen we got a bit melancholic, and decided to go down memory lane once again. This time London journey. These photos were taken while our three months internship with Paku Sukuda (stylist & art director), precisely on the very first photoshoot together. It took place in fashionable Vauxhall area, in a one-time hostel. Each floor with complicated system of corridors, nooks & crannies reminded something of all-of-the-sudden remote place. Especially big kitchen was quite spectacular. The pre-shoot to-do list included a bit of a research, picking-up clothes so a bit of a tour de London (ladden with bags, we did our part of a muscle-up during those three months, we must say). During the shoot, the biggest fun was hairdrying furs:)
     Paku herself is one of the most easy-going people we’ve known. When it comes to picking clothes for photoshoots she’s a dare-devil who acts on her hunches. She may like quirky pieces but she always manage to finally come up with clear vision and create strong silhouttes. One of our fond memory is a giant black heart-shaped bolero, which by the way model wearing it for a shoot described with a lovely ‘sick’ adjective:) On the contrary, photos presented in the post are very glamour and elegant, but they are beauty shoots after all, so the focus is on the face and make-up (by the way, this is a work of Kentaro Kondo, make-up artist, privately Paku’s boyfriend. They often co-work together). Enjoy photos and a bit of a 'behind-the-scenes'!  

Our backstage photos

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