Friday, January 13, 2012

Briefcase in point

     If you follow us, you will quickly learn we are advocates of all things androgynous and borrowed from men’s wardrobe. It’s fair to say, we will probably never get over boyfriend’s t-shirts, blazers, shoes and...a good ol’ school briefcase - it is one of those plain perfect dandy evergreens, that we can treasure the whole life, and then, one day in a far-fetched future, will pass on ours chic grandgirls (/grandboys, lord knows). Satchels come in a variety of colors, we rather opt for traditional dark and muted ones, neons are spectacular though, especially for nights out (on the plus side, with a safety satchel across your body you won't get run down) We recommend you to e-visit vintageshop. They are stocked with wonderful both vintage and 'with label' goodies. Take a peek below for our picks:

All images above: vintageshop
Images above: photojenna, mypreciousconfessions, selectism, velorbis
image below: stockholmstreetstyle

Images via: weheartit

Monika Brodka, 'Miał być ślub',
satchel got the cameo, twice:) 

Changing a classroom,
Christian Martin, 'Excusez-moi le professeur' de Christophe

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