Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures of a star dust girl

     We saw this starry skirt on and  we had to 'steal' it. It restored our deep-rooted longings for magical/ bizzare/ galaxy enigmas that used to be such a great part of our life when we were younger. Do you remember those careeless days when 'My little pony' was on tv early in the morning? Pegasus skirt is just fond reminiscents of that, and of a children book with cosmic trivias that we loved to flick through with blush of excitement as little girls. So that was on a personal note, now back to f-world. Galaxy is nothing new, actually, one season old now, but the thing is we've been on a fence about the trend right from the word go, and this skirt brought discussion back on. Now we can agree, hand on a heart, that we're definitely convinced, and maybe, next time you find tacky vintage cosmic leggings or t-shirt with planets print in a thrift store, you will find them surprisingly appealing as well. To make your stardust adventure complete have a look (or relook) at Christopher Kane, Setareh Mohtarez, Maya Sundari designs and some moodboard images.

Maya Sundari, all above images via: shirasuneko

Dazzling shooting star dress and turban-alike hairdo are flawless combo. We're simply in love with the image.
stardust dress at fallow by Gail Sorronda

All images via: weheartit

 Janelle Monae 'Star'

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