Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Robert Kupisz '44

Collection '44

     Robert Kupisz doesn’t like rigid categories. For his 44' collection, drawing inspiration from Warsaw Uprising, he maintained silhouettes to stay grunge, hobo and a dash nonchalante at the same time. Heavy sheep coats with loose dresses are romantic, shirts tied around waist – 90s. White & black school uniforms, adorable stockings and plaits are marked with something of  ‘the end of innocence and youthfullness’ melancholic tone. The most attention-grabbing were eagle logo t-shirts (polish emblem).
    Of course, wearing a t-shirt won’t make a patriot out of you, but when it comes to clothes, it’s always about how they make you feel. We all love to grumble about what’s ours and what we take for granted, but sometimes it’s worth to change strategy, and be pround of who you are and where you are from. Those little eagles can do:) we’re not big fans of sport, nonetheless we love watching and cheering up for our white-and-red team playing football, or ski-jumping (or, slightly on a different tack, singing during our favourite guilty-pleasure Eurovision Song Contest). We love how the spirit goes up in those moments when the nation unites and you can feel the sense of belonging, group crossing fingers, hoping…side note: if you plan on visitng Poland during Euro2012, those t-shirts would make a marvellous fashionable souvenir, we are just saying…). Have a look at collection and some snapshots from polish tv blockbuster ‘Czas Honoru', have a listen to beautiful music below.

Images via: kimono
Images above via: loreaal.pingerkinopolska,,, czas-honoru

Mieczysła Fogg,
 'Ostatnia niedziela' (the last sunday)

'Serce w plecaku' song
from polish movie 'Zakazane piosenki':

'Warszawo ma'

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