Monday, January 2, 2012

Tabernacle Twins

      Copenhagen Fashion Week is happening within a month, and we're really excited to see what Tabernacle twins have in store this time around. Fictive twin muses are work of danish designer Vibe Lundermark who creates soft silhouettes in offbeat combinations. His forte are digital prints, color and pattern match and eye for detail. We're simply smitten with playful jumpsuits in bright colors, as well as with black & white graphic dresses. We couldn't resist showing to you some of our Tabernacle Twins' favourites. You just can't imagine being sulky in one of those, you're helplessly giving in to their fairytale charm. Unfortunately keeping up with the weather behind the window, we feel dispirited most of the time now, hopefully photos below will help you and us maintain decent energy level during this grim season. Well, if you are from Australia you're luckily not miserable with winter blahs, but either way, we think those lookbooks are inspirational.
All images via: Tabernacle Twins



To put you in this 'lazy-days-spring-around-the-corner' mood
Natalia Lafourcade 'Cursis Melodias'

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  1. They make amazing patterns/prints!!



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