Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Denim and splatter

3creativesisters on etsy: Gift Tags - Denim Blue Dress, image via:etsy

     Can you think of anything more effortless and relaxed than beloved jeans? All of this off-duty charm is in little denim dress too (mini simple 3/4 sleeves and tent-like-shirt with a bow are our denim darlings of the moment). Nothing nifty, nor quirky. Since a dress line is kept clear and simple, we thought it would be intresting to pair it down with paint-splattered broques. We like the messy low-key vibe of this sort of combo. Is there anything better than simplicity with an artsy 'devil-may-care', 'couldn't-care-less' attitude?
     Side note: Paint-splattered shoes are from Alexander McQueen's old collection, they made really big appearance some time ago, but we think the idea is timeless, thus we've dusted it off. Have a look at TheDandyProject's shoes inspired by them, really lovely. Take lace-ups, a brush, a paint and off you go to your own 'Pollock' project.  

image via: Vanessajackman

Louis Vuitton cruise, image via: fullinsight

Alexa chung, image via:

All images via Asos

Alexander McQueen paint-splattered shoes, image via:

Image via: thedandyproject

Image via:secondcitystyle

Country is a great background for denim so let's turn to miss Parton. We heared 'Jolene' a couple of times in one of our favourite East London pub and were taken aback by lyrics, so frank, poignant, filled with helplessness...normally not huge fans of country, but this simple song has powers to move your heart.

Lana del Ray
'Blue jeans'


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