Sunday, February 12, 2012


     We had a good plan. Last friday, we wanted to launch our 'once in a week, every friday' posting scheme, but unfortunately, and it's not a lame excuse, we had a gripe with electricity (that's the thing with old buildings, there's so much love about high ceilings, wooden floors, space...until overhaults). So since we've been off for a while, we'll give you the update on what has been inspirational for us lately. We've just rewatched Roman Holidays a few days ago, plus we're already blue-sky-thinking way too much about our 'spontaneous' trip to Rome that will happen at the end of April, all of that direct us straight to la citta eterna. Watching no ceremonious, off-duty princess Ann (Hepburn) made us wish of elegance, but in a cheerful, free-spirited sort of a way. We're coming up with few essentials to keep ours best behaviour foot forward. Long full skirt, silk neck scarf, debonair slippers.

Images via: Audrey Hepburn lovejaneyglobalgrasshopper; Skirts: Revu-shop, shoes 'Mały książe': Fullofstyle, bags and scarfs: Vintageshop

Raphael Gualazzi
'Follia d'Amore'

'Una Favola'

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