Friday, February 24, 2012

Życie w Madrycie

   Luzinterruptus is a Madrid-based  anonymous art collective. We've been under a mejor spell of their light urban art interventions. Illuminations are simply beautiful, but they also are more-than-meets-the-eye. They put finger at alarming issues that go often unnoticed (or rather ignored) by authorities (and citizens), such as dirt and rubbish, out-of-order fountains,  traffic jams.  
    Illuminated poetry, street lamps, urban sea, cocktail umbrellas, wellies, cages full of treasures - their imagination has no limits. We like the idea of  a late-night thrilling escapades while putting impact on place where you live. We have been thinking lately of a little action by ourselves (something more guerilla gardening, but will have to wait for the spring to come first). We highly recomend you to pay a visit to their website and find out more about their projects. 

All images via Luzinterruptus website

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