Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ale Meksyk

   We love cool hunting, you know this thrill that overcomes you when after a long and tiring research, you finally come across a genuine treasure. Even better when you don't search, yet you find, simply by chance. Some time ago we discovered mexican-blanket-and-pompoms set from Burger&Fries: slip-ons, shirt and sweater. It's such a simple idea to adorn basic piece of clothes with scratches bought at the Battersea car boot sale (or as a matter of fact any other flea market, wherever you go on those lazy sundays). That inspired us to create mexican moodboard, a patchwork of street style, Mara Hoffman's S/S12 collection (we love colorful prints, Frida Kahlo inspired hairdos and a stunning tassel bag), Natalia Lafourcade's photos (that's our favourite mexican girl), pompom necklaces from Akong that we know & love since our last stay in London...say no more, queremos mucho y que aproveche amigos!

Image via: xoxokids

Akong's pom pom necklaces, collection Conquistadora, Image via: honestly...WTF

Image via: style on track

Mara Hoffman s/s 2012, Image via: Theunemployedstylist

Image via:mamasarollingstonemara

Image via: societeperrier

Mara Hoffman's tassel bag, via: raffacakesFrida Kahlo's inspired braids, Image via: vibevixen

All images above via: we heart it 

Chavela Vargas
 'La llorona'
...Yo Soy como el chile verde, llorona,
 picante pero sabroso..

Natalia Lafourcade
 at the very end you can find her music video
'Todo lo que tengo es real'

First two images via: lastfm
last one: Mex and the city

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  1. J'aime les photos!
    Angela Donava


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