Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just Another Dinosaur Story

Image via: laceeswan
      Anyone who saw classic 80s movie 'Girls just want to have fun' must remember funky & quirky head pieces Lynne Stone (Helen Hunt) was struting. Our favourite 'customized objects' of her were unforgettable blue dino barrettes. We decided to dig dipper the topic and came up with quite excavations ranging from eye-popping, offbeat add-ons (something kindergarden cute or science nerd) to National History Museum's skeleton and bones jewellery. We're especially amazed by Klara Kalicz's designs - model in her 'Mystic lookbook' that we present below, below, below is truly awe-inspiring, she looks like genuine exhibit. Who says dinosaurs died out?

Image via: Etsy Steg-o-land

Image via: Tatty Devine

Image via: Asos Marketplace Burger&Fries Boutique 

Image via: hellogiggles

Image via:beuatifulstreets

Giles Deacon dinosaur-shaped handbag,  image via:

Giles Deacon for Ungaro, image via:Whatannaloves

Spike comb, Elena Perminova in Paris, image via:

Dinosaur-spiked-spine boots by Man Repeller,  image via: Anastacia&duck

Mini raptor cufflinks, image via:  Giant eye on Etsy

image via: Weareveryouare

Images via: Boticca

Noir Jewellery's Dinosaur Bone bracelet, image via: Weareveryouare
Image via: iamchuckyouarepie

Klara Kalicz designs, all images via:

Julia Soler for VNFOLD magazine, image via: lovefromcharlie


  1. Oh, I love the idea! I especially like the first necklace - it's gorgeous! ;)
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  2. Thank you for following us and that you like the dino-post;)we'll keep an eye on your blog as well!


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